Corporate Storytelling

By showing the actual people who work in your company you give a name, voice, and personality to the person on the end of the customer service call or to the promotional emails they receive.


Preparing For Your Event

There are some who leave the capturing of their event in the hands of an amateur or to the guests with their smartphones, but this can be a huge mistake.


Why Custom Photography is More Impactful Than Stock

Unlike stock images, where you have to search through thousands of images to find the right one to fit with your business, professional photography allows for tailored images specifically for your business. Custom photography allows you to have more control over the style and look of the images which can help strengthen the message you are sending with them.


Keys to Compelling Imagery

Lighting is the main component to creating compelling images. Understanding how quickly the light can change, especially when taking photos at sunrise or sunset, is crucial when composing your frame.


Enhancing Your Portraits Through Retouching

All professional images go through a process of retouching. This process can be simple where minor adjustment are made to the light, remove a blemish or edit our any stray hairs or it can be a complex process where skin tone is evened out, physical features are enhanced and hair or eye colour can be changed.


Why Brand Identity Is Crucial In Toronto

Running a successful business in Toronto will take more than just a solid marketing plan. In order for you to grow a long-term business, you need to not only stand out from the competition, yet you also need to have a set of values and create a unique experience for each one of your customers or clients.