Looking to give your professional headshot a facelift, or wonder why? Let us help!


  • Always show your best self that is up-to-date
  • Improve your look for first impressions
  • Standout from all other¬†candidates
  • Present yourself as a committed professional

A powerful and striking headshot can give you the level of professionalism you want to achieve. 


Only $150

Come get yourself a new business portrait in just 20 minutes and for only $150! Spots are extremely limited and are not guaranteed until full payment is received.

We are hosting headshots at our downtown office, 290 Shuter Street, Toronto.

In this age of fast-swiping and personal-branding, first impressions count more than ever. Consideration of how you and your employees visually represent your business to prospective clients will be a central theme of any effective branding strategy. This is particularly true when it comes to commissioning corporate portraits. Clients want to see that they will be working with a team of sharp, competent and trustworthy individuals, and for that we need to bring out each member’s personality. Whether you’re in need of Linked-In style professional headshots, or more elaborate environmental portraits, our photographers know how best to capture your strongest traits and will work with you in order to visually project the image you want to portray to your prospective clients.

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