Ad Lounge | Next Gen Dinner Series

In conjunction with Boost Agents, the Ad Lounge | Next Gen Dinner Series welcomes recent graduates the opportunity to meet with industry executives and hiring managers to dine, network and further discuss how to stand out from the crowd.  From Digital Marketing to Graphic Design to Public Relations, these students coming from a wide range of disciplines are given valuable time to ask questions and create discussion to help one another grow as they prepare themselves to enter their respective fields.


Thanks to the amazing teams at both Ad Lounge and Boost Agents, this well-organized evening was surely the place to be for any recent grad interested in growing their personal brand, professional social networking skills, and the possibility to learn from experienced individuals. Taking place in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core, at the stunning Hotel Ocho’s restaurant, this evening event was buzzing with energy from all the guests eager to network and grow as young professionals. With such a great turnout, this event created an incredible environment for these recent grads to not only meet current industry professionals but to also engage and discuss with other like-minded grads who are currently undergoing many of the same challenges in their professional careers.

Client – Ad Lounge | Boost Agents

Category – Event Photography

Date – March 21st, 2017 

Website – Ad LoungeBoost Agents

To begin the evening, guests were welcomed to taste various delicious food and drinks setting the mood and adding to the high level of energy. With a focus on professional growth, the amazing food and drinks surely added to the group’s energy, encouraging all guests to get comfortable and actively participate in the group discussions. This social event has proven to be a valuable opportunity for both the recent grads as well as the industry professionals. With a chance to discuss, interview, and engage with recent grads, these highly regarded professionals were able to engage a strong collection of candidates who if proven desirable, may be lucky enough to be offered further opportunities within their respective businesses. Concentrated with an abundance of thought-leaders, this is event was surely an incubator for many great discussions.