Buna’s Kitchen

Buna’s Kitchen is known for serving modern European food items made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. To ensure quality and freshness, they change up some of the items on the menu daily and seasonally. This popular lunch spot offers a unique experience to the local customers.

The Story

Who is Buna? A question that restaurant owner, Grace, gets a lot! Her husband’s grandmother, “Buna” in Romanian, would only cook with the freshest ingredients from the local market to serve her grandchildren. Inspired by the warm fuzzy feelings she gets from eating Buna’s homemade cooking, Grace wanted to serve food that’s just as comforting. Located within the busy streets of Richmond and Spadina, people spend their lunch hour at Buna’s Kitchen to get a taste of home.

Client – Buna’s Kitchen

Category – Storytelling

Date – March 3rd, 2017 

Website – Buna’s Kitchen

Behind the Shoot

We wanted to capture the behind the scenes that make Buna’s story stand out among the other food joints in the area. The open kitchen concept of this quick service restaurant encourages a face-to-face interaction between the kitchen team and the customers. The experience becomes more personal when you know who is making the food, and who will be the one to enjoy it. Customers also get a front row seat to how their food is being freshly prepared with care. If you come in after the lunch rush, you’ll get to see how the team at Buna’s start preparing for the next day’s service. From the pasta dough to the beef stock for their gravy, everything is made from scratch and cooked early in the morning before the lunch rush begins.

A lot of work goes into ensuring each customer has an enjoyable experience right when they step into Buna’s Kitchen. It helps that they have a strong foundation of skilled individuals, who work closely as a team to make it all possible.  When you have the same friendly faces greeting you on the other side of the counter every day, you start becoming part of the family at Buna’s Kitchen.

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