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Meet Philip and Mystique, the couple behind Chef Sous Chef. This Toronto-based blog is all about showcasing the beauty of simplicity in food. With real ingredients, anything is possible: “Real food; no rules”. They believe that consuming natural and fresh ingredients play an important role in shaping your best self, and they want to be the ones to provide you the resources to embrace it


The heart of the blog is their love story, which sprouted from homemade mushroom risotto on the fourth date, and continues on to the daily meals they cook as a married couple. Their site is a collection of tips and recipes, but at the end of the day, it is an open book of Philip and Mystique’s food adventures together.

Client – Chef Sous Chef

Category – Storytelling

Date – February 14th, 2017

Behind the Blog

For this Valentine’s special, we got to step into their kitchen where all the magic happens! Not only did we want to capture the space where they create the edible content for their blog, but also the process of how their kitchen roles come to play. As chef and sous chef, and business partners, working together doesn’t get in the way of their relationship as husband and wife. Instead, the joyfulness of their partnership shows in the work they produce.

A peak behind the scenes means sharing more of themselves to their readers than they already have. By taking us to their own kitchen, we are able to see the relationship Philip and Mystique have with each other that enables them to create a blog together. As readers, we feel more connected when we find context to what we are looking at. From trips to the local Farmer’s market to filliping through cook books, Philip and Mystique are constantly seeking for inspiration to grow in their art to help us explore our best self.

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