Pioneered by Casale Media, Index Exchange has five regional offices employing over 200 individuals. This isn’t just another marketing company, but instead is a technology company that focuses on the selling aspect of their client’s needs. The innovative company creates a workspace of diversity that promotes collaboration which is highly beneficial to the clients they serve.


Stepping inside the inner workings of one of the offices of Index Exchange reveals just what makes this tech company stand out from the rest. It isn’t just in their approach to automation and marketing that makes them unique. It is the work culture that allows the employees to excel at what they do best by supplying them with the right tools and space to fully focus on the interests of their clients.

Client – Index Exchange

Category – Corporate Event Photography

Date – February 22th, 2017

Website – Index Exchange


It is no wonder the company is able to attract some of the most advanced professionals in the industry. From the outside, a modern black and white buildings sit across from a scholarly brick building both of which house employees of Index Exchange. Inside it is just a typical work day where board meetings are taking place and colleagues are in front of the laptops typing away. But they aren’t cooped up in a cubicle the open floor has rows of desks and work areas that allow individuals to move freely to work independently or together.

As the CEO meets with other executives in board rooms the rest of the staff has the floor to work amongst themselves. The work atmosphere promotes teamwork in every aspect. From office equipped with glass dry erase boards TVs and standing desks to areas where employees can work on projects together, ask for advice and collaborate to create fully customized solutions for their clients. Lunchtime was also a way for employees to mingle. With a fully catered spread of healthy sandwiches, fruit bowls, snacks and beverages the employees took a break from their work in a communal kitchen area. The area offered ping pong tables, game station, Foosball tables and large windows for everyone to truly take a break and revive their focus for the rest of the work day.

This unique work environment doesn’t just keep the employees happy but translates to exceptional products and services for clients. Employees are well respected and it shows. From the most advanced technology to work with from to the catered lunches, Index Exchange has changed the way they meet the needs of their clients as well as their employees.