It’s Crucial To Have Quality Imagery For Any Business.

Image-literacy has never been greater than it is today and consequently the success of every business depends in large part upon the cultivation of a strong brand identity. For most businesses, whether big or small, photography has a central role to play in this process.

Clearly though, in such an image-obsessed society, not just any photographs will do. Are you confident that the images you use and share – i.e. the images that represent your brand to the world – maintain the same excellent standards you insist upon elsewhere in your business activities? What do the photographs you use in printed promotional materials, press-releases, or on the web and social media etc. tell prospective clients about your company? Is your branding campaign being let down by uncoordinated, inconsistent or substandard photographic imagery? In short, do you require the assistance of experienced photographic professionals to put your visual branding in order and move your company image up to a new level?

Our business clients come from the corporate, financial, banking, retail, real-estate and educational sectors. Our charitable and NGO clients are engaged in development projects across the board. And our private clients are regular people like you. Regardless of their vastly differing backgrounds and goals, what all our customers have in common is that they understand the pivotal position that good quality photographic imagery can assume in helping them to achieve their strategic aims.

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It goes without saying, then, that in a fast-paced world mediated by images, any business that neglects the matter of photography does so at their peril. This is even more the case if you are involved in e-commerce. Indeed, photography for e-commerce companies might be viewed as the equivalent of the window display for a brick-and-mortar store. Just as a dusty, fly-speckled and sun-faded window display is unlikely to make a favorable impression on passersby, you will be missing out on an enormous amount of new traffic and potential customers if you rely upon subpar photographic imagery in order to promote and sell your products, services and brand.

However, while the comparison with window-dressing is valid up to a point, photography in fact has a much greater role to play in promoting your e-commerce business than the decorative arrangement of a few select items once did for a mom-and-pop store. To put it simply, store windows can’t be shared on Facebook (although it’s important to note that photos of them often are). By investing in high quality photographic imagery for your business, you are increasing thousandfold the likelihood that images related to your products, services and brand will be shared by users on social media. Hence the comparison might remain valid if a store window display were viewable not just by the occasional passerby wandering down main street, but instead by billions of potential customers the world over. Let us put your window in order before the hordes arrive.

The same is true of your own image as a representative of your business. Indeed, if you are not in control of your own personal image then you are not fully in control of your business. Where we come in is by making sure that whenever you are required to furnish photographic images of yourself or your employees, these photographs are not only of an exceptionally high standard but also play their part in cementing faith in your products and services. To achieve this, a portrait needs to capture your unique character while also communicating your professionalism, charisma and drive – precisely the tasks we excel at. So, whether you require headshots, environmental portraits or team photos, you can rest assured that you will be newly armed with top-notch, on-brand photographic imagery that can be used anywhere from printed promotional material to websites and social-media profiles.

Naturally our ability to influence which images do and do not appear on the internet is somewhat limited, however most people will generally be quite content to view the first few photographs that come up when searching for your company, so where it is possible to exert considerable control over a company’s public image is by ensuring that those first few photographs are directly in line with brand identity. While getting you to the top of Google’s results is beyond the scope of Indigo Events’ services, where we can be of assistance to you is in making sure that whatever photographic imagery you do put out there is of the highest quality and portrays you or your brand in precisely the light you wish to be seen. Let us help you take control of your photographic branding.

While the value of maintaining brand identity in all forms of external communication and promotion is relatively self-evident, one often overlooked yet no less important facet of branding is the importance of also underlining brand image internally. Your employees are your brand’s representatives out in the world, but if they do not have a clear idea of the image you wish them to cultivate then there’s little chance of them accurately projecting brand identity as they go about their business. One key way of promoting brand awareness among staff members is by means of careful use of photography within publications such as annual reports and other internally distributed literature. Again, at Indigo Events we are ideally placed to provide you with all manner of photographic images promoting your brand’s ‘culture’ that may be used to illustrate such publications and keep team members on-brand in all their duties and activities.


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