Adidas ZNE Hoodie

Adidas ZNE Hoodie The Product

We all know how important it is to feel relaxed when it comes to focusing on what is important as it affects the overall quality of our performance.
The new Adidas ZNE hoodie aims to provide maximum comfort and flexibility for athletes, so they can move at ease from the streets to the game floor. The acronym stands for “Zero Negative Energy”, speaking loudly to avoid the distressing vibes and anxiety athletes often feel before each game. Confidence can come from how good we feel about what we wear, and the hoodie is carefully designed to give it a boost. This piece of outerwear has become a luxurious must-have item in the sports world.

Exclusive Lounge

Adidas organized an invite-only event to showcase the ZNE hoodie. They went over the top and transformed the space in Andrew Richards Design Place into an Athletics Lounge. The monochromatic approach in creating this event resulted in a simple, open, and light environment, which was conducive to bringing about what their ZNE hoodie promises: comfort and the ability to focus. Since the hoodie targets all kinds of athletes and sports lovers, the lounge was meant to make those who were lucky enough to be invited feel welcomed. The exclusivity of the event removed the potential pressure that can be caused by the general public, and allowed the guests to enjoy the setting. From the comfy couches to the foosball machine, people can find their own idea of cozy within the four walls of the lounge.

Client – Adidas ZNE Hoodie

Category – Storytelling

Date – November 5th, 2017 

Capturing the Brand

The Athletics Lounge was customized to acknowledge Adidas’ concept of finding focus through their products. The clean and organized space was successful in letting the ZNE hoodie speak for itself, and we were lucky to be the ones who captured the story. It is clear how much thought was given to designing the lounge, because they have effectively conveyed their message just from entertaining the sense of sight. Our goal was to make sure our images communicate their ideas to let those who were not able to attend the chance to witness it themselves. We are proud to give Adidas the content they need to share to the world what it’s like to have their product come alive. Events like these come and go, but should not be forgotten. Through our photographs, we hope to reflect the brand and its atmosphere so that the occasion can continue to be admired and celebrated by all.