Here at Indigo Events we were recently commissioned to cover Image Skin Care’s world-wide launch-party, reception and presentation at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. With products distributed in over forty-four countries around the world, Image Skin Care is currently the skincare industry’s fastest growing brand and prides itself on innovation. Founded on an ideology of simplicity, results and value, Image Skin Care works with some of the world’s leading chemists to develop groundbreaking new skincare treatments and anti-aging, balancing, hydrating, and illuminating products for consumers world-wide. All the company’s products are free from controversial parabens – often used in cosmetic products as preservatives and potentially damaging to health – and are manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality ingredients.

As part of a global launch of new products taking place in over 100 cities world-wide, Image Skin Care’s founder and CEO, Janna Ronert, was in attendance herself to make the presentation of the company’s newest lines. The event drew many leading figures from Canada’s beauty industry, who came to view the presentation and to try out samples of Image Skin Care’s latest products.

Festively decorated for the occasion, the Four Seasons Hotel was decked out in luxurious ostrich feathers and attendees were given enticing goodie-bags containing a range of product samples to take away with them. As aperitif, guests enjoyed a choice of delicious wines accompanied by mouthwatering appetizers. This was soon followed by a wonderful buffet of artisanal cold-cut meats and exquisite cheeses, mediterranean olives, pickles and preserves. Dessert took the form of fresh fruit platters.

There was plenty of fun and hilarity too, as dashing industry beaus and ravashing, radiant belles posed for our custom-designed photobooth or snapped their own group selfies draped in feather boas. Indeed, never one to miss out on a good party, by the end of the evening even Marilyn had gotten in on the act too!