With offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal, and a portfolio of literally thousands of successfully completed building projects undertaken in cities all across Canada, Prodigy Retail is a fully nation-wide construction firm known for its expert execution of assignments in the retail, commercial, institutional and hospitality sectors. Among Prodigy Retail’s client list can be found many of the world’s most familiar brand names – encompassing everything from fashion and food, to technology and banking – and they have undertaken projects in a diverse range of environments, from bustling big-city malls and major international airports to more serene suburban settings. Unsurprisingly, given this impressive résumé, Prodigy is also one of Canada’s fastest growing companies.

It goes without saying, then, that a creative and dynamic company such as Prodigy Retail has a formidable reputation that precedes it. Yet, as in any field of business, to a certain extent you are only as good as your last job. For this reason, assuring the careful and accurate documentation of past projects for display to prospective clients is an absolutely essential element of the Prodigy team’s daily responsibilities. And when a company of the calibre of Prodigy Retail have need of photographic services to capture the final results of a completed project for insertion into their portfolio, clearly they only call upon photographic professionals of a certain level. Enter Indigo Events.

Having recently completed another successful project, this time for Scotiabank, Prodigy Retail were looking to commission a series of high-quality photographic images for their portfolio and archive detailing the finished build. Following a precise briefing from the Prodigy Retail team, our photographer was assigned to capture the essence of the interior space while also displaying the craftsmanship and materials used at their very best. The photographs show off the clean, modern lines, elegant materials and sophisticated color palette of the Scotiabank interior. Making a particular feature of the luminous environment and soaring ceilings.

The Scotiabank premises consist of an expansive entrance area that gives off a feeling of energy and dynamism; a comfortable lounge-style waiting area with complimentary coffee and beverages and a prominent flat-screen information board; there are also a number of homely meeting areas for consultations; and finally a series of contemporary office spaces separated from the public areas by stylish gradated-glass divisions that let in light while permitting a degree of privacy.

The architects employed a complex mix of lighting sources in their design, however our photographer took this technical challenge in his stride, going on to produce a series of crisp, clear and tonally impressive images that serve to show off the Scotiabank interior’s key design elements in the best possible light. Attention was given to the contrast between rugged and raw concrete pillars and the silky ceramic tiling of the reception area. Likewise, emphasis was placed on the invigorating blocks of bold color in office areas and the vibrant red furnishings that offset the more neutral tones used on entrance walls and floor