Nelly Tsyrlin is a Toronto based artist dedicated to showcase something different. With experience in fashion and a background in liberal arts, Nelly is able to draw honest inspirations to produce work that would impact those who are lucky enough to encounter it. Lucky for us, we were invited to her studio to capture her story.


Most of Nelly’s unique paintings have been made by using the technique called Monotype. Monotyping involves painting on a surface before imprinting it to a sheet of paper. This specific type of process is a vital character to Nelly’s story, and how she translates her artistic vision to life.

Client – Nelly Tsyrlin

Category – Storytelling

Date – August 3, 2017 

Website – Nelly Tsyrlin


Since the technique is a key factor that differentiates one artist to another, it was important to capture Nelly at her most natural state. She transformed her garage into her studio space – an environment where she can dive into her work with no distractions, and we were there to witness it.

We wanted to make sure the photos reflected the passion that went into the art pieces that Nelly immerses herself whenever she enters the walls of her makeshift studio. Let’s be real, painting is messy – and we want to keep it real. Unlike most shoots, we left things untouched to get that raw candid look.