Since launching as just a small team in 2008, PSR Brokerage has very quickly established itself as one of Toronto’s leading boutique real estate firms, specializing in both the buying and leasing of high-end residential and commercial properties in the central Toronto area. Today, with more than three billion dollars worth of real estate transactions under its belt, two amazing office spaces, and over 90 agents on staff, PSR Brokerage has its sites firmly set on becoming the market leader within its sector. Here at Indigo Events we were only too delighted when the PSR Brokerage team called on us to play a part – a very small, yet nonetheless important, part – in helping them to make this goal a reality.

In today’s fast-paced, media savvy world, the importance of making a strong and positive first impression on prospective clients cannot be too vigorously stressed. A fact that PSR Brokerage fully appreciates. So, naturally, when PSR Brokerage required a new series of professional headshots and group portraits of team members for use in their promotional materials, it was to Indigo Events that they immediately turned.

Having received a full briefing from PSR Brokerage regarding their specific requirements, the Indigo Events team set about interpreting the client’s needs in a stylish visual form best suited to the company’s stature, market position and projected business outcomes. Here at Indigo Events we work to the philosophy that for corporate photography portraits to successfully serve their purpose they must strike a delicate balance between accurately reflecting the subject’s authentic and unique personal traits while also projecting an image that is fully appropriate to the desired future positioning of the brand within the marketplace. In short, corporate portraits must reinforce and augment brand identity.

To this end, we worked together with PSR Brokerage to create a series of fresh, contemporary portraits underlining the approachable yet business-like nature of team members and making a subtle feature of one the firm’s elegant central Toronto office spaces. Both the no-nonsense headshots and the more casual group portraits are designed to communicate the friendly, dynamic nature of each individual while at the same time serving to bolster the image of experienced, results-oriented professionalism befitting a team of representatives of such a hugely successful brokerage company.