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Pictures and video have become communications cornerstones. Whether it’s potential or existing clients, partners, stakeholders or employees, they will form – more than ever – their first impressions of your business by looking at you instead of reading about you. And in many instances that will be done through picture-rich mediums – website, social and digital marketing – over a mobile device be it a smart phone, laptop and iPad. Take advantage of this unfolding opportunity to positively shape opinions, alter perceptions and grow your business by leveraging the power of corporate photography.

A creative team of thirteen people, casually dressed, poses together in a brightly lit room with a white background.

the team


Meet Anastasiia, a talented photographer with a heart full of joy and a lens that captures the magic of life’s moments. With a background in wedding photography, Anastasiia’s expertise extends to a wide range of events, from corporate gatherings to team photoshoots. Her bubbly personality is infectious, and she has a remarkable knack for turning strangers into friends wherever she goes. Through her lens, she weaves stories of laughter, connection, and the beauty found in the simplest of moments. Anastasiia is your go-to photographer for not just capturing events but also creating unforgettable memories


A creative visionary with a foundation in architecture and design. Calvin loves crafting stories. Specializing in large-scale events, corporate branding, and impactful storytelling, he transforms moments into visual narratives. With a calm and reassuring demeanor, Calvin possesses a unique talent for coaxing the best expressions and emotions from those in front of the camera. Whether it’s crafting compelling business portraits or conveying the essence of a corporate event, Calvin’s photography is a reflection of his passion for design and his ability to create lasting visual impressions.


With a background in fashion, Stephanie’s expertise lies in capturing portraits, branding, and imaginative photo shoots that push creative boundaries. Beyond photography, she serves as a creative director for numerous corporate storytelling projects at Indigo Events, infusing them with her distinct sense of style and vision. When not behind the camera, Stephanie is a dynamic presence at Toronto’s networking events, concerts, and city explorations, always accompanied by her friends. Her passion for photography and zest for life blend seamlessly in her work, creating captivating visual stories that leave a lasting impact.


Meet Mark, a seasoned member of the Indigo Events family since day one. Mark’s lens is his storyteller’s quill, and he excels in capturing the grandeur of large events, the heart of corporate narratives, and the essence of striking portraits. Beyond photography, Mark is our go-to gear specialist, always ready to assist the team with their equipment needs and geeking out over the latest gear innovations. When he’s not behind the camera or amidst the gadgets, Mark is Toronto’s ultimate taco connoisseur, offering expert advice on the city’s best taco spots. With his unwavering dedication and diverse skills, Mark is an integral part of our creative journey at Indigo Events.


Introducing Ebi, our gifted cinematographer and master storyteller. Ebi’s expertise lies in weaving compelling narratives through the lens, and he excels at elevating creativity to new heights in our final videos. With an infectious energy and an unparalleled sense of humour, Ebi brings a vibrant spirit to every shoot, making it an unforgettable experience. Beyond his cinematic talents, Ebi is the life of the party, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. His passion for storytelling and zest for life shine through in his work, making him an invaluable asset to our team at Indigo Events.


Meet Derrick, a globetrotting fashion photographer. While he continues to jet-set for fashion projects, at Indigo Events, Derrick specializes in corporate branding photography, events of all scales, and imaginative endeavours. With a discerning eye for detail, Derrick dedicates ample time to meticulously prepare for every shoot, ensuring flawless execution. Beyond photography, Derrick is a dedicated foodie, exploring culinary delights wherever his adventures take him. His commitment to perfection and penchant for precision make him an indispensable asset, consistently delivering exceptional results at Indigo Events.


a photography virtuoso with a passion for portraits and product photography. Lisa’s superpower lies in her innate problem-solving abilities, making her a true go-getter who thrives under pressure. Her unwavering composure and cheerful disposition ensure that she approaches every challenge with a smile. While Lisa’s expertise spans various photography genres, she particularly excels in events and portraits, showcasing her mastery of the craft. Beyond photography, Lisa’s love for globe-trotting takes her on adventures to explore diverse cuisines worldwide. She’s also the creative force behind our social events, an invaluable role for which we’re always grateful.


Meet Roei, our maestro of corporate storytelling, headshots, and events. Roei’s true passion lies in connecting with people, whether it’s through his lens or over a delicious meal. A world traveler with an adventurous spirit, he brings diverse perspectives to his work. Roei’s culinary skills are exceptional, and he’s known for whipping up gourmet delights. As the first point of contact for our clients, Roei’s knack for pre-planning ensures that every job runs smoothly. His ability to forge connections, both personally and professionally, adds an extra layer of warmth and expertise to our team at Indigo Events.


Ricardo is the embodiment of warmth and likability, a true joy to have around. Ricardo’s photographic specialty lies in crafting captivating portraits and compelling branding imagery. However, his versatility knows no bounds, and you’ll often find him expertly capturing moments at events of all sizes. Just like his magnetic personality, Ricardo is a gear enthusiast, bringing technical precision to his art. His ability to seamlessly blend affability and expertise makes him an invaluable member of the Indigo Events team.


Meet Sasha, the quiet force behind the scenes at Indigo Events. While he’s retired from photography, Sasha has seamlessly transitioned into a role that’s just as crucial—managing operations and handling all the intricate business matters. He’s our dependable firefighter, ensuring that Indigo Events runs like a well-oiled machine. Sasha’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to keeping everything in order make him the unsung hero of our team, allowing the photographers and creatives to focus on their artistry while he takes care of the rest.


Introducing Shahin, the creative genius leading our video production team. Shahin is the mastermind behind the camera, orchestrating storyboards, generating innovative concepts, assembling talented teams, and solving any challenge that comes his way. His charismatic presence and infectious smile put everyone at ease, making him a natural leader. When he’s not immersed in Indigo’s projects, Shahin can be found filing music videos and concerts around the world, showcasing his boundless passion for visual storytelling.

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Wow! I love the photos! I can’t stop looking at them! I couldn’t have asked for a better company to take such beautiful photos for an important milestone event for our company. The team was nothing but helpful and kind and really made the experience easiest. I didn’t have to think about it at all, they took complete control and I’m super happy with the outcome.