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Why Most Corporate Intranets Fail

With a new generation taking over the workforce there is an increase in companies trying to find new and innovated ways to strengthen company culture, increase brand awareness, and provide an appealing work environment. An internal company network or the Intranet has been one way many companies attempt to do all of this and more. Unfortunately, the way most companies implement the intranet is unsuccessful due to outdated tools, confusing dashboards and nothing eye-catching or intriguing to get users engaged. When properly utilized the Intranet can provide an organized social and business network that keeps employees excited and up to date on everything happening within the company.

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Benefits of an Intranet

Using a company intranet can help a business become more efficient and increase growth. Not only does it provide a place for employees to gather vital information it allows management to better monitor projects and staff members. There are a number of other ways a well-organized intranet can benefit companies. 

1. Up to Date Information.

Having to send out emails to give out important updates that have to do with your company is unreliable. Most often emails are overlooked and ignored. The intranet provides a place for member to check in and get all the information they need to any changes in policies, meetings, training, and other vital details that will keep everyone in the loop.

2. Improved Communication.

Unlike a vast majority of other communication tools used by many businesses and intranet can help improve communication with employees and in all departments. Intranets offer clear communication across all departments. No longer will individuals have to wait for a response from one department when they can go directly to the individual that can solve their problem. No longer will conversations be cut off or forgotten about since all communication is kept open and accessible to those who need to go back and look for answers. The intranet can take out the extra unnecessary steps to solve problems allowing them to be more productive and on task.

corporate images for internal use

3. Secure.

A major concern for every business is how secure its systems are. Intranets allow for an all in one network for employees and clients to access vital information. Intranets can be set up to grant vendors and clients restricted access to information relevant to them. This can ease transactions and move projects along more quickly. You also have the ability to track who logs onto the intranet and determine what they can have access too.

4. Increase in Company Culture.

The intranet is the ideal place to create a culture that is unified and always working towards the same goals. Through blog posts, announcements and chats businesses can take advantage of the Intranet to set the bar for their company culture. It allows for all employees in every department to understand and realize that they are all working on the same team.

corporate images for internal use

5. Organized.

Unlike many other tools, the intranet can be a one-stop for all things related to your company or business. Projects can be monitored more efficiently and employees can communicate faster in one place instead of having to open upon different windows to find documents or old notes. The intranet can be used to organize training, schedules, project details and more. Employees can more easily search for the information they need and find other employees to get questions answered.

Why Most Intranets Fail

With so many benefits there is a good reason why successful companies want to implement all the intranet has to offer. Most companies, however, fail to include vital elements and tools that can make them more successful. In many cases, not all employees know about the company intranet when they come on board. Often the intranet is not easily personalized or poorly customized. Many employees stop using the company intranet simply because it is boring.

corporate images for internal use

To get the most out of your company intranet:

1. Provide value and organization.

You want all the information on the Intranet to be relevant and up to date. Employees now want to be able to access what they need when they need it. Update training’s, calendars, and staff information regularly. Tag and keyword all documents accordingly so employees can easily use the intranet search engine to find what they need.

2. Encourage engagement.

Add tools that allow employees to stay engaged in the Intranet. There are a number of ways you can set up a friendly competition on the intranet, highlight employees, set birthday announcements and more. All these little additions can go a long way in increasing participation and allow individuals to connect with one another. One of the best ways to promote interaction and continual engagement is through the visuals you display on your intranet. Add professional and company related images to post and headlines instead of opting for stock images. Stock images won’t allow employees to see the real people who work for the company. When you use images of those who actually work in the same office or those employees see their images being used they will be able to connect and relate more and be genuinely more interested. Avoid adding banners that resemble those of an advertisement, as they will just be scrolled past. Having attention-grabbing images of the people that actually work in the company is a great way to continue to build your brand and company culture within your business.

3. Feedback.

You want to give users a reason to continue to check in and come back. Continually asking for feedback on the structure is one of the best ways to improve your intranet. Remember you want the Intranet to be an addition to your overall company brand. Hearing from employees ways you can improve and better use your company intranet will again encourage more participation and allow individuals to feel as if what they say has value.

corporate images for internal use