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Why Quality Content Is Not The Only Essential

Quality content is still key when marketing online but, the type of content that people are more interested and engaged with is changing. Written text isn’t enough to capture the attention of online users and if you are growing a business it can be harder and harder to stand out among the masses. While high-quality content is still crucial you also need to keep in mind your target audience and what they are looking for. If you are putting out content that your audience isn’t engaging in you are essentially wasting your time and effort. How can you keep your target market interested while attracting more people to your business?

What is quality content?

Putting out great content can help you establish yourself or business as an expert in your industry. The content you create can grow your business by reaching a wider audience and funneling them back to your business website. But, what is quality content?

There is no clear-cut answer to what makes content high quality, it all depends on what your target audience is looking for. Long, elaborate, informative text may be perfectly written but this may mean nothing when your audience is looking for a short and sweet answer to the questions they ask. One thing that is relevant to any business is creating content that engages your audience and is visually appealing.

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Why is keeping your audience engaged important?

The internet is filled with millions of businesses which for the most part is just noise to many online viewers. It becomes harder for businesses to stand out so business owners need to think outside the box in the way they present their content. When you also factor in that the attention span of many online browsers is becoming shorter and shorter you need to be able to capture the viewer’s attention instantly and give them a reason to learn more about what you are presenting. One of the most effective ways to capture attention and engage your target audience is through visuals. Visual content is becoming a major trend that businesses are benefiting from since it is versatile, can be informative and is eye catching.

Catching one’s eye is related to human emotions, often using elements such as colour, the use of human connection, GIF’s, short video clips, meme’s etc. All of which can be used to grab your viewers attention in an attempt to have your audience wanting more. For example, making use of a full portrait photography session for your staff not only gives your brand a fresh, clean and consistent look but also allows the viewer to make a more trustworthy connection with that face. It has been said that as humans we often make the best and most memorable connections with other humans as we can sense the emotion that one emits. Whether it be a person on the other end of an email, a social media post, or an informative video, having a strong human presence increases one’s likelihood to trust.

Visual Content:

Visual content is more than just an image or video. It is filling every space online from blogs to social media and even on business websites. Images and videos can do just as much as long textual content but summarizes and condenses the information so viewers can quickly have their questions answers and obtain all the information they needed.

Visual content not only gives your target audience what they want it is more easily shared so you can reach a much wider audience. When you consider that through social media and blog platforms visual content is shared significantly more than content that has no visuals or pictures this is something you want to consider shifting to. Knowing where your target audience is most likely to view your content and what will encourage them to be engaged or share this content is vital to growing your business.

Knowing your target audience.

When it comes to creating content it isn’t enough just to have quality content you need to take into consideration you audiences intent. Most often people are searching online for something they already have an idea about. When it comes to shopping online most of these people already intend to buy what they are searching for they just need some additional information or recommendations.

Creating content about what you think your audience wants will only get you so far, you need to research more to understand their intent. What drives their buying decision? What is most important to them when choosing a product or service? What words are they using to search for these products or services? Creating quality content that takes into consideration all these key factors will not only get your content in front of this market but when paired with visuals will attract even more without additional effort on your part.

The point is, intent with the social content is by far the most significant. With current trends riding on brands becoming more transparent with their clients, corporate storytelling is one of the fastest-growing themes spreading when talking about the future of business. Showcasing your brand and all that it stands for is essential to put forth for your clients to not only achieve a greater sense of trust but to also show your audience that you value your brand’s appearance as it is a direct representation of its clients. If Corporate Storytelling and quality branding is important to you, we suggest you check out our previous blog about Storytelling Here!

While there may be a switch from only text content to visual content that doesn’t mean you can skimp on the quality. You still need to have high-quality images to attract and impress viewers. Whether you use the images or video for an infographic, to go along with your text or to showcase your products you still need to focus on only presenting material of the highest quality.