Hiring a photographer can be a daunting process no matter what the occasion may be that you are hiring them for. While price is often the number one factor many will consider before hiring a photographer, this often leads to disappointment in the final product and frustration with the whole process of working with a photographer. Most individuals and businesses do not even consider working with a studio because a freelancer will often have the lowest price since they don’t have the same operating costs. Working with a freelancer has its setbacks that can really compromise the quality and overall experience or expectations of the whole process.

At Indigo Events, we have a full team that is dedicated to providing you with the best quality and experience of working with a studio. With talented photographers, videographers, designers, editors and creative administrators that not only work closely with you to deliver quality images, but our team works with you to provide the best experience from the first conversation to the final follow up.

Working with a studio versus working with freelancers.

1. Professionalism

While many freelancers have a photography business on the side, or just work as a photographer part time, our team members are full-time staff members. Freelancers may not take all the clients or work they are hired for as a top priority resulting in it being difficult to reach them, going back and forth in email response or simply not talking with your photographer for long periods of time.

Our company makes every client a top priority. Since we are operating an actual business you benefit from knowing business hours, best ways to contact team members and not having to wait or wonder when you will get a response from us. Every team member on our team offers the highest level of professionalism when meeting and working with clients.

Additionally, one thing our company offers clients that most freelancers cannot is the extra security of being insured. It is not uncommon for equipment to break. Many freelancers neglect to have insurance since it is often an expense they cannot cover or feel the need to obtain. At Indigo Events, we don’t want our clients to worry about the “What if’s” when their shoot or event is approaching. What if your camera breaks? What if you don’t have the right equipment? Accidents can happen and we have been in the industry to not only know this but anticipate it happening which is why our studio guarantees that whatever problems that do come up will be resolved in the most professional and just manner.

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2. Dependable.

We understand, respect and take seriously the deadlines you expect us to meet. Freelancers may agree to a certain time frame for completing the work they were hired for but often time these time frames are just a general reference that they cannot or don’t stick to. Our team member does not just take your required date for complete as merely a consideration, all deadlines must be met. Since you are working with a team of professional rather than just one individual you can rest assured that there are multiple people working together to ensure your deadline is met.

Also, what makes working with any of our teams less stressful than working with freelancers is you can rely on our teams to respond to your questions, concerns, or changes promptly. You won’t be competing with other clients to get a response from our team as you would be when working with freelancers. Since we have more personal you get a faster or immediate response from someone on your team.

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Team photo

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3. Consistency.

Freelancers are known to regularly change prices of their service, meet in different locations and even changing the name of their photography business. This inconsistency can be confusing and often can be a risk for the client. Our studio knows that consistency is the key to success, both within our own business but as well as working with our clients.

Our studio offers a greater level of consistency that results in you working with a team that matches, understands and enhance your own styles or vision. When hired we dedicate ourselves to providing you with a finished product that meets your expectations but also has just a hint of our team’s personal touch which makes it completely unique.

Is working with a studio ideal for every project, event, business or individual you have coming up? Maybe not, but working with a studio will give you the reassurance that you are a top priority. At Indigo Events, we offer our clients the best quality images as well as the best experience when working with our team members.