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Importance Of Having a Professional Headshot

Actor, Real Estate Agent, or a Large Corporation ? Your Headshot is Your Client’s First Impression !

Professional Actors are people who know the importance of a professional headshot more than anyone out there. The reason behind this is simply because they are told this in every professional meeting they have. Their headshot is scrutinized by agents, casting directors, and producers. And it’s not always pretty. But a critical look at your headshot is necessary, regardless of what profession you are in. As Shakespeare said, “this world is a stage, and we are all actors”. Corporate world is very similar to the acting world in that sense. Your self-presentation is crucial. And your headshot is an extension of that. It’s very common for people to judge the book by its cover. In our busy world of endless competition in every industry, you want to stand out with the professional, up-to-date headshot.

Corporate Portraits

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5 Important Tips on Having a Successful Headshot

Make sure your headshot looks like you.

If people meet you after they have seen your headshot, and you look nothing like it, yin their eyes it looks dishonest. No matter how great you are, it will take you so much more effort to build a rapport with them. They will likely mistrust you. Avoid it at all costs.

Make sure your headshot is up to date.

If you have significantly changed since you took your headshot, and failed to update it, it simply looks unprofessional on your end. If you coloured your hair, lost a lot of weight, or grew a beard, your client will see the discrepancy, and think that you either change a lot, which is a sign of instability; or you failed to update your photo in a long time, which is neglectful. Either of those impressions are not favourable.

Your photo is who you want people to see in you.

Whatever quality you want to bring to the forefront, make sure your headshot captures it. And good photographers know exactly how to help you do this. Do you want people to see you as a friendly type who is easy to deal with ? Or a dominant type who is firm and knows exactly what they’re doing ? Are you phlegmatic or energetic ? Do you like to make people feel at ease, or do you like to create strictly professional atmosphere ?

Your thoughts are projected on your face.

No-one is dull naturally. But some people, in their headshots, just have a very dull expression. If you are intelligent, make it speak through your eyes. If you are bubbly, smile ! Whatever your character is, people will appreciate it over a blank dull face.

Going to Take Your Headshot? Plan and Prepare!

Take time to prepare what you will wear and plan how you will look in your photo. If you get puffy eyes from not getting enough sleep, make sure you sleep well. If you tend to puff up a bit from too much water or alcohol, take that into account. You can take a few selfies in your preparation stage. Plan your facial expression, your mood, and your style. When you are in front of a photographer, make sure you are in the state of mind that you want others to see you in. Your professional photographer will take care of the lighting and the camera angle to adjust to that.

Corporate Portraits

You and Your Team

If you run a business and have a team, it’s important to let others know who they are. It includes your secretary, your accountant, your administrator, IT personnel, promotional staff, etc. Displaying headshots of your team on your website, or in your office, is a very good work ethic. Each and every one of your colleagues represents you and your firm. It also speaks about the dynamic within your firm. And you may find it surprising, but it is very important to your client. Displaying the headshots of your team to the public means that you value them and that they are a reliable, stable, and accountable team of yours. If a client is devoting an important matter to you, such as selling their house, or representing them in court, they will be happy to know that these are the people who answer their calls, issue them invoices, and take care of their paperwork.

Online Businesses

In a fast pace world, where everything is digitized, it’s important for people to keep connected with other people. This is an important aspect that a lot of online businesses often dismiss. People want to see who they deal with. Consciously, or unconsciously, we read into people’s faces. We see when we can trust them. And often if they are crooks, it’s written on their faces. It has been proven by many studies, that people are more likely to deal with others online, if they see their faces. So having a headshot for you and your employees plays a much larger role in your business than you may think.