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Business Photography for Air Chartered Service Canada

With over 10,000 charters per year, Air Charter Services provides top quality assistance in sourcing client charter needs.  With over 20 offices internationally, ACS prides itself in giving clients the best possible service 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Air Charter Services team is a set of agents dedicated to providing top quality charter solutions for all client needs. ACS agents are informed and knowledgeable in a variety of aircraft types, making their agents’ well-rounded and capable of providing a solution, no matter the scope. Whether clients are in need of a helicopter, airliner, cargo aircraft or private jet, the ACS team is committed to finding the solution.

ACS strives to exceed all clients expectations knowing each client is unique. Not only do they provide consistent status updates but they also offer post-flight details and flight times ensuring clients are provided with the necessary information needed to even after the charter has been booked.

Aside from providing excellent charter solution services, ACS is conscious of giving back through monitoring their carbon footprint.  Each year ACS gets involved with raising money and fundraising for various charities. In addition, the total amount raised in each case is matched by ACS. Their efforts to give back and environmental values speak volumes to the team behind their services further proving that ACS exudes the highest level of professionalism and service.

Behind the Shoot

When it came to shooting for Air Charter Service, our goal was to showcase their office in a clean and modern way. We tailored our approach to ensure their vision was brought to life by using a ‘lifestyle’ approach to our photography.

Located in the trendy area around Bloor West in Toronto, the office is bright, spacious, and filled with a great vibe and energy.  The aim was to photograph ACS agents working and interacting with their clients and fellow colleagues in the most authentic way possible. The morning was spent taking candid images of the employees working at their desks.  Then, during the afternoon we focused on grabbing shots of the agents working in the boardroom and working together as a team.  We finished off the day with some detail shots of the office area and a group shot of the whole crew.

By bridging the gap between client and agent, and providing context as to who the friendly faces are on the service end of Air Charter Services, we were able to capture images that provide new and existing clients with a behind-the-scenes look at who they are or will be working with.