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Understanding The Need For A Creative Director

Getting your brand noticed in an oversaturated market is a challenge no matter how big or small your business is. With advancements in technology it is becoming easier than ever for business to spring up in all industries so standing out is vital. Having the most effective marketing plan is crucial when it comes to getting your business noticed, building your network, strengthening your brand and standing out from your competitors. But with the right type of marketing consisting of written content, images, and design, there’s a lot of creative teams to communicate with.

How can you ensure all these creative teams are working towards the same vision? How can you encourage each of these teams to think outside the box to come up with marketing techniques that will get your business noticed? Designating one person to oversee all these creative departments is not only necessary but can be highly beneficial. A creative director is the individual who will take the vision you have for your business and make it a reality by properly communicating and encouraging all the teams to come up with effective ideas that will keep your brand consistent and clear.

What is a creative director?

There are many ways to describe the job of a creative director. The responsibilities of these individuals vary but their main goal is to ensure that the brand of a company or business is consistent and clear through all platforms. In a sense, the creative director is like the conductor of an orchestra or band or the project manager on a construction site. They oversee that all the teams are working towards the same goal and that the vision of the brand is consistent with these teams.

Simply, being the conductor of all the creative teams isn’t their only task. A creative director needs to be able to listen and be willing to allow these creative teams to give their input on how they can strengthen the brand or make the vision more clear through their own creativity. A creative director may understand the needs of the company or business they work with but they have to be able to encourage their creative teams to think about what will better suit the vision and make these businesses stand out more.

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The role of a creative director:

What is the purpose/vision for your the photoshoot?

While the main goal of the photoshoot is to gain attention there are many details that need to be considered. The creative director will ensure that the vision of the shoot is brought to life in a way that stays true to the company brand. They will be the ones to relate this vision to the photographers, designers, and all other individuals involved with the shoot. They will be the ones that will check every detail of the shoot to make sure that every aspect of it is consistent with the brand and stays true to the vision or purpose.

Do you have a detailed shotlist?

A shotlist is vital for any shoot as it keeps everyone involved in the shoot on the same page. A shotlist will not only give a breakdown of the vision but will make it more clear as to how this vision will be achieved. It gives the angles, timeline, locations, and acts as a guideline for how the shoot will go. The creative director should be responsible for ensuring the shotlist is followed and be aware of any last minute changes that need to be made.

What is the budget for the project?

Staying on budget can become a major issue. The creative director needs to not only keep track of the budget but be able to see where cost can be cut without effecting the quality of the shoot. They need to be able to make the executive decision of when to implement the less is more approach and when spending a little extra can go a long way.

Do have the necessary permits for the location you are seeking to shoot in?

The creative director should work closely with the photographer of the shoot before, during and after the shoot. Before the shoot scouting out locations is often something the photographer will do or at least have suggestions in mind. When you have a team of individuals who are going to be on location from hair and makeup artist to a wardrobe and talent you will need to ensure the necessary permits are requested prior to the shoot. Whether it is in a public park, local business establishment or even on the sidewalk the creative director needs to be aware of any regulations or permits necessary to go forward with the shoot.

What is your deadline?

The creative director will be responsible for keeping everyone on schedule. They will make sure all deadlines are being met and that everyone involved in the project are aware of any changes made to this schedule. It is the job of the creative director to make sure each of the creative teams has enough time to complete their tasks without being rushed. When the teams are rushed this can often lead to mediocre work that will look rushed and unprofessional.

For photoshoots, a creative director is responsible for creating an efficient timeline to shoot the images in an appropriate manner. They ensure that the purpose of the shoot is clear and that the vision comes to life. They not only thinking creatively themselves but encourage everyone on the team to have creative input that will improve the shoot while also staying true to the brand identity of the company.

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