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Why Custom Photography is More Impactful Than Stock

When it comes to the images you display to represent your business, the most effective ones are those that capture the viewers attention and leaves a lasting impression. Businesses can choose between finding stock images to use or to have them professionally done. While stock images may be more convenient, these images are often generic and not as effective as professional images taken specifically for your business. There is a number of reason why you should hire a professional photographer to shoot the images you use for your business which can result in stronger brand identity, customer loyalty and an increase in revenue. If you have been relying on stock photography this articles will point out why tailored shots can be more beneficial for your business.

Benefits Of Professional Business Photography

Tailored to Your Brand

Unlike stock images, where you have to search through thousands of images to find the right one to fit with your business, professional photography allows for tailored images specifically for your business. Custom photography allows you to have more control over the style and look of the images which can help strengthen the message you are sending with them. In addition, not only are your images tailored and curated to your business, but they are also unique and unobtainable by others. This strongly contrasts stock images which can be purchased by anyone making them not only impersonal but generic. By having more freedom to create custom images, you ensure that you are conveying specifically the message that reinforces your brand.

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True to Your Brands Identity

While it may seem more cost efficient to use stock images, you need to take into consideration how long it takes for a designer to actually find the right stock image that coincides with your brand’s identity and the vision or message of your brand as well. Using stock images can limit your designer’s ability to create a truly unique campaign for your company. You hire your designer for their creative style and only using stock images can hinder how creative they can be. Choosing to take advantage of professional photographers, creating images with intent and purpose becomes readily achievable. Having the freedom to create exclusive content enables you to express the true values, beliefs and character of your brand.

Using tailored visuals for your business ensures a consistent look and feel which is necessary to create a strong brand identity. When you choose to use stock images you are choosing to forgo sharing the personal character of your brand and its supporting team. Additionally, stock images have been taken by a variety of photographers, all of which have their own style and techniques. This leads to inconsistencies among your marketing, advertisements, and online presence. Having custom images made for your business eliminates this inconsistency and provides your company with a unique presence that is more easily identifiable by your customer and your market.

Brings More Value to Customers

One of the biggest downfalls of stock photography is that most images can be reused so any business can choose to use the same image you. It wouldn’t look good if you and your competitor used the same stock image for your advertisement, potentially damaging the reputation of your business and lead to confusion among your customers. Stock photography is supposed to appeal to a wide range of clients, that’s the sole purpose of it, it is not meant to be one-of-a-kind. This means the same image can be used across a number of industries and by hundreds or thousands of business. Custom photography allows you to not only stand out but send the message to your customers that you are not like everyone else. It also shows your customers that you are willing to invest in your brand’s uniqueness and gives them an inside look at your company. One of the things stock images can not do is give your customers a look behind the scenes of your business. You won’t be able to show your employees, environment or give your customer an idea of what it is like to work or buy from your business. Therefore, you are not building a long lasting relationship with your customer or feelings of trust.

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Better Connects With Customer

People connect best with visuals, which is what makes photography such a vital component to your brand’s identity and marketing. You need to be able to gain viewers attention immediately, encouraging them to continue to learn more about your company. The right visuals can make your company stand out and be easily identified by your target market. Aside from better capturing the attention of viewers, these authentic images that display real people using the products enables onlookers to envision themselves becoming a user. Using stock photography runs the risk of displaying an inaccurate message which can ultimately come at the cost of losing potential customers. Building a relationship with customers is crucial for increasing business and certainly repeat business. With the help of purposeful, unique and relatable images, grabbing the attention of your potential clients greatly increases. Capturing the attention of your viewers is essential, but once having gained their attention, the information offered must be descriptive and captivating.

Your company uses images across many platforms both online and offline. Using custom photography allows you to keep your brand’s identity consistent and unique on all these platforms. This consistency can help build trust with your customers as well as give them the impression that you value the look of your brand. While stock photography may be more convenient it can hinder the growth of your business and worse can make your business look just like any other.

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