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How to Get Ready for Interior Photography

One of the best ways you can get your customers and clients familiar with your business is to give them an inside look. Interior photography can be used in many versatile ways from marketing to portfolios and should make it feel like the viewers feel like they can picture themselves in that space. This can be an effective way to make your business more appealing, welcoming and professional, but there is more to just having a photographer come in to take a few shots. You will want to properly plan and prepare your interior to ensure you get the most attractive images.

commercial photography toronto

How to Prep Your Interior:

You want to make sure that your office is photo ready before the photographer arrives. This will cut out a lot of wasted time and ensures that you will get the best pictures possible. Reference this quick checklist to make sure you have everything in order and ready to go, on the day of the shoot.

Tidy up the space.

You want to store away any loose papers, binders, and office supplies so your office looks neat and in order. You especially want to make sure you have any confidential items out of sight. Also keep all cables tucked neatly away for phones, computers, and other necessary electronics. If possible, try to limit what devices remain out of view, to limit the cords you have to worry about and to keep the workspace more clean and presentable.

Temporarily clear away personal items.

Family photos, desk toys, vacation photos and such are great to keep up the morale of your staff, but these are not necessarily items you will want to have featured on your marketing items or on your company’s website.

Temporarily clear away personal items.

Family photos, desk toys, vacation photos and such are great to keep up the morale of your staff, but these are not necessarily items you will want to have featured on your marketing items or on your company’s website.

Have the cleaning crew come in the day before.

You want the space to look as clean as possible and most offices will quickly collect dust. Ask your cleaning crew to pay particularly close attention to making sure all dust bunnies are cleaned away and that all the windows are streak free.

Simple maintenance.

Do a quick walk-through of your office and make sure to change out any broken light bulbs. Double check the furniture and walls that will be in the pictures as well to make sure they are freshly painted or scuff and scratch free and not broken.

Add in some décor.

You want to make your space as inviting as possible and this is easily done by putting out some fresh flowers and small plants. You also want to put out some items that feature your company’s logo. Pens, coffee mugs or a few binders that all feature the logo are great items to have insight. You should also have your logo up on any computer or television screens that will be included in the shot.

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What You Should Let the Photographer Know:

Prepping your space can help your photographer get the best shots possible, but there are a few other things that you will want to let them know so they can better prepare for the shoot as well. When booking your photographer having a brief ready will make the process easier. Make sure you go over these key points so you get the best images possible.

What are the images being used for?

From print to web pages there are many places you might want to consider showcasing your interior shots but you will want to let the photographer know this ahead of time. This will allow them to ensure they have the right gear to get the perfect shot for what it will be displayed for. Whether you are a business looking to obtain some images for marketing or an interior designer who needs images for their portfolio your photographer needs to be aware of the intentions.

What is the story?

You are most likely not taking interior shots just to have them, you are probably having them done to bring in a certain clientele, this is especially true for interior designers looking to add to their portfolio. You want to relate to the photographer what kind of story you are trying to tell to bring in the right people. The way a photographer would shoot an interior to attract business professionals is not going to be the same way they would shoot the interior to bring in families.

What shots are you looking for?

You want to send your photographer at least a short shot list of must have images you will be expecting. Do you want images of the front desk, meeting rooms, waiting rooms? Your photographer needs to know these important details prior to arriving for the shoot so they know how to properly manage their time. This also gives them time to brainstorm creative ways to capture what you are looking for.

Other Things to Consider:

While most of the work will be done by your photographer you want to make sure you properly plan for the shoot. You will need to inform your managers and staff of when the shoot will occur so they can be on the same page with ensuring everything is in order for the day. You also don’t want to plan the shoot during peak hours for your business; the less foot traffic the less of a disturbance it will be to your clients or customers.

commercial photography toronto

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