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Turning Event Photography into Digital Content

All corporate events present the opportunity to create a wide catalog of digital images. Most of these simply get stored away in archives and a select few may be chosen to use for press releases. But, you could be missing out on the valuable content that will not only make your company more visible but will also attract and significantly help grow your business. Content marketing is becoming a key component and vital factor for many businesses to grow and reach more interested audience members. And while you may have a blog, multiple social media accounts, and business listing, if you are not utilizing high-quality digital content across all areas where your business can be found online then you are missing out on a lot.

Valuable, high-quality content is a must in this digital world and your corporate or business events provide you with an endless supply of digital storytelling content that can vastly improve your reach. Digital content can come in a variety of forms; from images you use in your blogs posts to info graphs you update on your social media accounts. It can be incredibly easy to work with your event photographer to get a number of images from your event that you can use in many creative ways to convert them to digital content.

Beauty Event at Spoke Club

Why Digital Content is More Useful.

Instantly capture reader’s attention.

With a colorful image display at the header of your content and colorful images throughout the content, readers will instantly attract more readers. Not only will you attract more readers but they will be more than likely to read the content provided.

It sticks in the reader’s mind for Longer.

When you have relevant images to go along with your content a higher percent of your readers will be more likely to retain and remember the information days later.

It is a vital component to your marketing strategy.

Most big businesses are already using images to boost their reach across the internet and if you are not you are way behind. Digital content from images to videos makes up more than half of the content that most businesses put out.

Get more views.

When you have images attached to your blog posts or updated on your social media accounts they often get viewed nearly 80% times more than just plain text content. Digital content also gets shared significantly more across all platforms. It is a simple thing you can implement that can greatly increase the attraction of your content.

beauty event photography

Some Ways to Covert Event Photography into Digital Content:

Live events offer a wide range of ways that you can not only create digital content but increase your customer engagement. Reaching out and working with a multimedia blogger is one of the most effective ways you can create digital content for a number of uses. Not only will they be able to provide detailed notes about the event but they will also be able to capture specific images that will pair perfectly with the notes. They can do on the spot interviews with attendees or key speakers to get an inside perspective of the event. This type of content can be easily used on your blogs, sent out in newsletters to your mailing list and shared over your social media platforms.

If it is not in your budget to hire a professional blogger you can also ask any speakers to create content for you. Ask them to write a brief summary of the key points they will be discussing and then pair this content with images of the speakers. This type of digital content again can provide you with a number of blog posts, addition to your events page on your website, or posts on certain social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Another great way to get your attendees to assist in creating content, and to expand your reach is to encourage them to share images they have taken from the event. You may want to consider offering a small prize for the best image. Create a unique hashtag for your attendees to tag their images across various social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can also have them upload their images to Flickr or provide a link to a google drive file. Not only does this get you more engaged with your audience but it can also provide you with even more images to use for content.

There are endless ways you can use your event photos as digital content and the benefits from doing so is remarkable. This is also an ideal way for you to build up your staff teamwork skills as well since you may want to consider asking them to come up with some creative ways to get the event images out to the masses. Providing your audience with digital content is one the most effective ways to market your company and is something you will want to be considering with your next event.

beauty event photography