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Corporate Storytelling

With the overwhelming use of the internet, it is becoming more and more important for companies to be able to instantly capture the attention of their audience in a matter of seconds. There is rarely a more effective way to do this than through images. Brands that have utilized visual images as a part of their branding and marketing have received greater engagement and return on investments than those who only use written content.

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Using images to tell your company’s story is one of the fastest ways to deliver your message to your clients and potential clients that will make a lasting impression. Corporate storytelling not only strengthens your brand but it allows your audience to see a new side of your company that can connect with them emotionally and instantly.

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Gives a behind the scenes look at your company

Corporate storytelling is composed of more than just fictional characters and catchy phrases. You give a unique look at your company in a way that will allow your company to stand out from competitors. You can show the roots of your company, how it all began and who influenced some of the products or services your company provides. This can strengthen the emotional connection you are striving to obtain from your clients and potential clients.

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Your company’s personality is often what attracts your target audience and encourages them to follow along. When your company has a strong persona it is more than just a company, it is relatable and something that people want to be a part of. Your company is not just simply a product or service, it is composed of real people who have the same struggles as most of your target audience. Your employees have their own stories and character that should be showcased to show your clients that your company is not merely run by robots, but better run by charismatic and passionate individuals like them. Showing this side of your company allows people to see your company as more than just another name or business.

You also give a look into the culture of your company. The culture of your company is ultimately what your company stands for and the core values your company holds. This shows your clients and potential client what they can expect from working with you. It highlights your purpose, beliefs, and work community. By showing your audience a look at the culture of your company you strengthen the connection they make with your company while building a reputation that is rooted in your values. This is a main component to making your business stand out and remain memorable for years to come.

Corporate storytelling allows you to show the validity of your products and services instead of just telling clients about it. By showing your clients how your product or services can benefit them you speak to your audience on a more intimate and personal level. You show a side of your company that makes it more human and approachable.

Your company becomes more transparent

By showing the actual people who work in your company you give a name, voice, and personality to the person on the end of the customer service call or to the promotional emails they receive. Your company is no longer just a name or another product it takes on a life of its own one with humor, passion and one that is trustworthy.

This way of storytelling highlights how trustworthy your company is. By showing the behind the scene view of your company you show the human side which makes your company more relatable than just remain a name or logo. By showing the employee’s, personality and effectiveness of your products and service you connect with clients and potential clients you tap into the emotional connection and strengthen this bond with your clients.

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People see the real side of your business

When you show your clients and potential clients the real side of your business you show the flaws, struggles, and triumphs that make your company unique. You become more open about how your company began. You can easily reveal what struggles you or your employees faced that lead to the creation of your production or services. Your clients can relate better to these struggles and can more easily see themselves benefiting from your products or services. You can also highlight the real testimonials from clients who already use your products and services. Using images to tell these stories not only makes it easier for your target audience to relate to but makes the stories more real themselves.

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It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate or type of product you provide you want to show what makes your company stand out. Your company has its own unique story that will captivate clients but you have to be able to grab their attention first. Photography has the ability to not only capture a viewer’s attention but can be used to perfectly depict your company’s story. Corporate storytelling can be enhanced through images or a series of images to tell the story of your company, employees and current clients.

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