Event Photography Toronto


Especially when it comes to event photography in the world of social media. Keeping things current and in the now has become the new norm, as soon as the event ends you want to start posting your pictures and online galleries as quickly as possible. Ideally, you want to post pictures of the event – and your comments – by the time people get home if it was held during the day and before they wake up in the morning if it’s an evening affair.

By quickly posting and sharing with your event guests you’ll accomplish several important things:

Event Photography Toronto

Garner greater publicity

Your guests are like walking, talking billboards for your event. They’ll want to see themselves, their friends and associates and the faster you post the higher the likelihood they will, in turn, share among peers garnering greater publicity for you.

Elevate engagement

Photographs have the ability to connect and engage people with your event – be it corporate or otherwise – in a way words cannot. By sharing pictures of your event immediately after its conclusion, you’ll be able to reach higher levels of engagement.  Wait a couple of days – or even one – and engagement wanes.

Enhance recall

There is no better way to make your event memorable than posting pictures of it right away when the sights and sounds are still fresh. By striking when the iron’s hot, you’ll also aid recall of it which can be especially powerful for brands.

Broaden reach

Breaking news travels far and wide and event photography is no different. New, timely photographs have a much greater chance of being shared throughout your guests’ networks than stale photography. If you want to broaden the reach of your event get your pics out quickly.

Heighten anticipation

In addition to the immediate pay-off you’ll get from your audience by quickly posting your event photographs, you’ll also build excitement and heighten anticipation for the next one. This is especially true among those who “couldn’t make it” the first time.

Event Photography Toronto

Event Photography Toronto

Event Photography Toronto

At Indigo Events we offer same-day turnaround for event photography so you can have your pictures and online galleries immediately ready to distribute. Further, we make it easy and convenient for you to post by preparing and formatting your event pictures to meet your website and social media specifications.