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Storytelling Through Photography

From childhood, storytelling is ingrained in our lives. We learn shapes, colors, animals, what is right and wrong, from stories we are told and read. We make deep emotional connections to characters and lesson we have learned, these connections are strengthened through the visual we can better relate to. It is no surprise then, that storytelling through visuals has become a major marketing focus. Images have a way of capturing viewers attention more quickly than any form of medium. But, this is only one of the reasons storytelling through photography is an effective way to market and build up brand awareness. Not every image will be ideal for portraying the story you are telling, you need to know what will best represent your clients and make them feel that your product or services were designed specifically for them.

How Storytelling Through Photography Strengthens Brands

Create a Visual Dialogue

Each company has their own unique vision and purpose, this is often explained in great lengths on the “About Us” or “History” page of their website. In order to get people to look at these pages, you have to first be able to get them interested in learning more about the company. Using photographs, you can create a visual dialogue that draws your audience in. The right series of images can make your company easily identifiable and showcase the who, what, where, when and why that will evoke a deeper emotional connection with your audience members. Connecting emotionally with your audience is the most effective way to build a loyal long lasting relationship with them that will have them returning to your company over and over again.

Just as with any written story, the images need to have strong characters, struggles and a clear way that shows how your product or services help the “hero” overcome their obstacles. These characters, struggles and overall visual context are what can make each company unique and more attractive to potential clients. Storytelling through photography can assist in building up the appreciation viewers have for your brand. It is through storytelling that you can better relate to your target audience and is one of the most powerful ways you can convey your company’s purpose and vision. A company’s vision and purpose are what can distinctively set them apart from competitors. The right story that shows the vision and purpose have the power to sway the audience perception of that company instantly.

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2. Allows clients and potential clients to make a connection with your company’s culture.

It is not enough to simply try to sell to potential clients, companies need to be able to connect with their target audiences emotionally. Being able to appeal to the audience’s emotions not only form a memorable connection but also encourages engagement. Being able to show your company’s vision through imagery can reinforce your company’s purpose as well. This is best done through a series of truthful realities.

What is the origin of your company? How are new products thought up? How do the employees add to the overall core values your company has? By showing this side of your company you further the message and the core beliefs of your company. You show more that what you offer but also why you offer and what is the motivation for continuing to supply an outstanding product or service. It gives your company roots while stimulating the emotions and imagination of your audience.

Allowing your audience to make a deeper connection with the culture of your company places them in the story. They are able to see themselves either as someone who can use your product or has the same problem that your products or service solves. In return, this means you stay true to your brand while also widening the scope of your market, drawing the focus to more than just the products or services you provide.

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Restaurant Photography

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Restaurant Photography

3. Gives an inside look at the workplace, environment, and appearance in a natural and unique way.

To make your potential clients more comfortable choosing your products or services, showcasing your company’s environment enabling them to imagine themselves as a part of the story. Storytelling through photography can shine a light on the workspace as well as the employees that represent your company. This adds another level of perspective and meaning to what your company stands for and that your company is more than just a product or service. By allowing your audience to see the real life scenes of your company, you can strengthen their emotional connection by showing them the struggles your employees face and their determination to providing a high-quality product specifically for them.

Storytelling through photography is an effective way to bring more attention to your company. It allows you to strengthen your brand and widen the appeal you have to a much larger audience. Through visuals, you can easily capture your audience’s attention and leave them wanting to learn more. Telling stories through imagery takes a keen eye to properly set the scene and create compelling images in order to effectively communicate your brands’ message. While it can be a challenge, when done correctly, you will make a lasting impression that will keep clients come back for more.