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Increasing Brand Loyalty

No matter what type of product or service you provide, brand loyalty should always be a main concern when it comes to marketing. Having a loyal customer base that chooses your brand over all the others is an important contributor to your sales and growth as a company. Considering your loyal customers will make up around 20% of your customer base but will actually account for close to 80% of your business’s revenue. Building up a strong brand loyalty is not something achieved overnight. You’ll have to really connect with your market in a relatable way if you want to grow your bond with them over time.

This may sound intimidating but is easily accomplished if you consistently share the ins and outs of your brand. It isn’t just about the deals going on or new products you have to launch. You’ll want your brand to take on some human attributes so it doesn’t just act as a faceless company. Documenting your process through images and content is an easy way to strengthen your brand and customer bond in a number of ways.

1. Encourage Engagement

One of the best ways to increase your brand loyalty is to encourage your customer base to engage with your brand. Social media is one of the best places to take advantages of increasing your customer engagement. In order to capture your customer’s attention, you need to have the visual appeal that will get them to stop and want to read or see more of what you have to offer. You want to create relatable posts that really resonate with them. Images and graphics are some of the best ways to have your customers to engage with your brand. Things such as posing questions, asking for peoples opinions, amongst many others enable the viewer to make a decision and leave their own remarks. The ultimate goal of having an engaging client base is to give the feeling that they are a part of something, and something that they have been able to contribute to. People often remember brands that not only create conversations, but also allow for people to share their opinions.

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2. Add Depth to Your Brand

They key to brand loyalty is focusing on customer retention and not just attractive marketing. When you have a customer base that is already using your products you want to give them a reason to keep using your products or services. Providing your customers with tips and tricks through graphics, images, and video is a highly effective and relatively easy way to keep customers interested and current with your brands newest updates. You want to be adding value to their experience with your products or services in a way that specifically relates to them. By sharing intriguing content you will increase your chances of creating conversation around your brand, which can lead to new interactions and connections with potential clients or customers. People are constantly looking for information that will make their lives easier and when it comes to brand loyalty you want your customers to feel that your brand understands their needs and wants.

3. Go Behind the Scenes

How often do you share your brand’s story with your audience? A great way to peak your customer’s interest, even more, is to give them a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what inspired the creation of your products or services. Behind the scene content, is a great way to reinforce the common problem your product solves for your target audience. Let your customers in on why you were so passionate to create the products you provide. This will allow for them to feel more drawn and connected to using your products more frequently. This is also a prime opportunity to get top executives of your company involved in the branding process. Allowing for customers hear from multiple levels of your brand, like that of executives, gaining attention significantly increases. This increase comes from the potential for the shared content to be of higher value simply because the significance of the figure is that of a greater power. Sharing this type of content allows followers to see the individuals who are primary contributors to the polished products and services provided.

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4. Educational Reinforcement

If you want your customers to have confidence in your brand, content that is not only compelling but educational serves as a great way to inform your customers on a deeper level about your products and/or services. Seeking advice from the experts, or those behind the brand, creates a sense of confidence in the customer allowing them to better comprehend the core values and purpose of the products and/or services. Educational material is a great way to ensure your customers understand how beneficial it is for them to be using your products and/or services which can be strongly encouraged through testimonials and case studies.

When it comes to building up your brand loyalty, focusing on client/customer engagement is essential. Creating a tightly knit bond between you and the end-user, chances are significantly higher your customers will be willing to return and second or third time. If your company is unapproachable, slow to respond on social media or missing opportunities to provide more value to customers, creating a loyal client base will be remarkably more challenging. By documenting more of the inter-workings of your company, the potential for increased interest, trust, and confidence is highly opportunistic to connect with your customers.