Corporate Portraits

Professional Headshots in Toronto

It doesn’t matter if you’re an actor or an entrepreneur having a professional headshot is vital for letting others make a connection between your name and your look. While for those in the entertainment industry these types of headshot will vary and you will want to have more than one type. But what exactly is the difference between a commercial headshot and a theatrical headshot? And is it important to have a corporate headshot? If you have been going around with just one headshot you might be losing out on a lot of job opportunities.

Corporate Portraits

Types of Headshots

Commercial Headshots

For models and actors, a commercial headshot is vital. Your commercial headshot is what will appeal to a long list of advertisers and brands. This is what will get you cast in a wide range of projects from small clothing catalogs to coffee commercial or insurance ads. A commercial headshot needs to be broad but should also take into account your niche and the potential jobs that you can be hired for within that market. These headshots can vary greatly depending on the type of look you have. If you have a more specific look that you can highlight it, even more, to appeal to roles you want to get cast in.

Commercial headshots will often clearly show the subject with a smile and friendly eyes. You want these headshots to look natural. Wear a brightly colored top and make sure your background is simple and not distracting. You’ll want these headshots to be warm and friendly which can appeal to a broad range of commercial gigs. Makeup and hair should be as natural looking as possible

Corporate Portraits

Theatrical Headshots

Theatrical headshots are necessary if you are looking to get cast in television, film or a theatrical role. They vary from the commercial headshots because they should better depict specific characteristics that come naturally to the actor. Where commercial headshots are simple and natural, theatrical headshots will take into consider the whole scene you create with your headshot. The lighting and backdrop can help enhance the characteristics and qualities the actors can bring to a role.

But, a theatrical headshot is not just about the character you want to get cast in. Theatrical headshots are for jobs that will take longer than a few days in most cases so you need to also have a certain aspect of professionalism in your images. Getting cast for a full-length feature as opposed to a TV commercial selling toothpaste can mean months of work. You want to show casting directors that you are serious, responsible and smart. This is especially important for those who are just starting out in the acting world. It will be harder for you to get cast in a role if your image doesn’t give the impression that you can be professional.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots are in a category of their own. These headshots are not intended to be ‘hired’ from but should evoke trust and confidence to the viewers as well as being relatable. Corporate headshots do not just take into consideration the person but also the business or industry they work in. You need to take into account the image your company is trying to portray and ensure that your headshot are aligned with that image.

These should give a professional look but also allow the person to be viewed as a trusted authority figure. You want to give a natural friendly smile, posing will vary depending on the industry you work for. Most often everything about a corporate headshot is done to look as natural as possible. Lighting is kept even and bright, the backdrop tends to be a neutral solid color and the attire is usually professional business attire. All of the little details should fit together to give the viewer the impression that you are someone they would want to work with. The end result should be a clean, professional image that is inviting and trustworthy.

The right headshot will make all the difference between getting cast in the role of your dreams as well as attracting your dream customers and clients. You want to make sure you have the right look, personality and professionalism portrayed through your headshots. Before you begin shooting make sure you and the photographer are on the same page when it comes to the types of headshot you want and the look you are going for.

Corporate Portraits