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Keys To Getting Noticed In 2017

While the internet has made it easier than ever to build a business, the downfall is that entrepreneurship is quickly becoming over-saturated with businesses of every type. Breaking through all the noise to get your business noticed is a challenge that many face and few conquer. From users being bombarded with ads, social media posts, offers and discounts, all the noise online makes it easier and easier for users to just ignore and keep scrolling. This is reason for brands to begin exploring the ideas of digital storytelling as a means of separating themselves from the competition, by showcasing the uniqueness of their brand. How exactly can you get noticed online with so much competition? The following tips are some of the most effective ways to get your business noticed and strengthen your brand identity.

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Getting Your Brand Noticed.

1. Understanding your audience.

You created your products and service to better the lives of a specific group of people. The first step to getting noticed in an industry is to fully understand who your products or services serve. From their age, occupation, and location to how they shop, where they shop, and their income are all valuable details that make up your target audience and will allow you to better cater content that will attract them.

You will not have much success getting your audience engaged or interested in what you have to offer if you do not understand who they really are. With a better understanding of your audience, this will enable you the brand to project your story and the components that make you unique in order to attract your ideal clients. It is important to attract your ideal clients through your brands values in order to create a great base of clients who not only engage with the brand but also seek to grow with your brand.

2. Logo.

A distinct logo can be crucial to getting your brand noticed. All the most noticeable brands can be identified by just their logo. It is the one visual representation of your brand that can and should be placed on all marketing and business materials. Choosing the right colors, text, symbol and any other small detail that will make up your logo is vital. The strong brand logo should be able to stand on its own and be recognizable to your audience. Knowing your brand and what it stands for are essential in creating an impressionable logo that will resonate with your brands audience.

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3. Website.

Your website should be a clear representation of your brand. It is where you will direct all your traffic to have your audience learn more about your company, products, or services. With a fully functional website design, user-friendliness is critical to have an engaged audience and getting noticed. You want to ensure that your audience can easily navigate your site without question no matter the device they are using. If a potential customer cannot easily navigate your platform, there is a significantly higher chance that your prospect will go elsewhere.

With technology being our fingertips at any given time, a mobile friendly website can drastically affect your audience’s engagement. Creating a mobile-friendly has become critical as we see people increasingly using mobile devices. Aside from the technical components and search engine optimization, your website needs to be visually appealing and engaging. Viewers should land on your site eager to explore more and wanting to see more.

4. Social Media.

If social media marketing is not a part of your branding plan you need to include it. Social media is one of the best ways to build trust, grow your audience and strengthen your brand. Through various social media platforms, you can really gain a better understanding of your audience by easily tracking what they share more of and what gets the most engagement. Using high-quality images paired with purposeful information will make it better for your audience to relate to your brand can stand out among all the other mediocre imagery and content. Images and videos are key when it comes to social sharing because social posts with quality images and videos will always standout versus any other type of content as it is easiest for humans to grasp.

Utilizing social media to get noticed relies a great deal on fully understanding your audience. Each social media network caters to a different group of individuals. Some, cater to an older generation others to a much younger generation. Knowing which of these platforms your audience is spending time on will lead you to greater success in your marketing efforts. Once you know where to focus your attention you can then create a variety of content that is easy to share. Infographics, blog posts, attractive images of your products, testimonial videos and more can all be easily shared on these sites that will give your audience more information and confidence in choosing to do business with you.

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5. Be honest.

There has been a major shift in how people choose which company they will do business with. Not only do your products and services have to be of high quality, but your company has to actively be on social media seeking to build trust. Responding to your audience’s concerns, complaints and creating product or services that will better serve them is vital. One major way your company will stand out among your competitors is through the relationships you build with your audience. Being a trustworthy, consistent and reliable place for your audience to go, is something that many other businesses neglect. People are more likely to recall and take note of the business that are willing to go above and beyond to help resolve any issues they may have. Otherwise, they will remember how neglected, unsatisfied and unhappy they were with their treatment when voicing their concerns. Showing your audience that you care and are focused on serving them will ultimately show through all your efforts as a whole. People want to work and buy from people who are real, honest, and most importantly provide great products and services.

Taking these 5 steps into consideration for your business plan will definitely help provide a great guideline to see if you’re hitting the primary targets to ultimately build a noticeable brand.