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Preparing For An Interior Photoshoot

Whether it’s because you are selling your home or because you want to let others into your business environment prepping for an interior shoot is just as much work as prepping for a headshot or portrait shoot. You don’t want to neglect taking the time to prep your office or home so it looks stunning in the images. How you present the interior of your business can say a lot about how your business operates and let’s not forget the best images are the ones that are clean and of the best quality. What should you do to prepare for your interior commercial shoot? It might seem like a tedious task but the images you receive will be much better because of it.

Prepping for Your Interior Commercial Shoot

1. Scheduling your shoot

When you go to schedule your shoot you want to try to do it when there will be as few people around as possible. Try to schedule before you normal business hours so you do not inconvenience your customers or early enough so there is not as much staff around who may accidentally walk into the scene. This will allow the shoot to go more smoothly and will result in fewer distractions.

2. Have a shot list

You want to ensure you get everything from your interior shoot that you are expecting so you want to go over a shot list with your photographer to ensure you both are on the same page. Consider what office spaces, meeting rooms, entrances and other smaller details you want to be featured in the images.

3. Clean and declutter

This is an important step you do not want to skip over. Cleaning the office or business space prior to the shoot is vital to ensure your images come out as clean as possible. If you hire a cleaning company to clean your business space ensure that you can have them in there the day before the shoot. You want to go over some additional task they might need to take care of like waxing floors and cleaning the walls so there are no smudges or imperfections noticeable.

Additionally, you want to make sure all the lights work properly and windows are cleaned to let in as much natural light as possible. Lighting is crucial when it comes to photographing anything but this is especially true for interior shoots. You want to have plenty of light available that will show off the whole room including walls and work spaces.

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4. Styling.

Get your space looking just right isn’t just about keeping it clean. While you want to remove any clutter from the areas that will be photographed you want to make sure you style them properly as well. You don’t want cords or cables showing and you want to remove as many items from desks and work areas as possible. Having a few items out that can help viewers relate the space to your business is recommended but choose these items wisely. It can also be a great idea to have fresh flowers out on welcome desk, plants by the entrance ways and unique art pieces on the walls.

Branding your images with subtle objects that show you logo or company way is also something you want to consider. Some stationery with your company logo on the reception desk, computer screens with your logo display or just business cards neatly in a holder on desks can be a great way to remind reviewers what they are looking at.

You want to present your business in the best light possible so you want to take the time to properly prepare your business or home for it interior shoot. Presentation is key, especially online and the images you show online need to be clean and of the best quality.