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Professional Corporate Photography Benefits

Why Does Your Company’s Website Need Corporate Photography?

Whether you are building up a brand new site for your business, or you  are giving your old one a facelift, the images you use are as  important as your written content.

Most business owners don’t realize that the right photo can positively  affect the site’s traffic. Images on your site should be aligned with  your brand and it’s message, giving them the power to persuade viewers  to continue clicking through your website.

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The Impact

Hiring a corporate photographer gets you the professional images that reflect your company. It is an investment that will obtain more viewers and get your business further than stock images can.

While it is admittedly easier to find stock images, it does not have as much of an impact as professional shots of your staff, your products, and even your business location. These images have the ability to capture your viewer’s attention, and the ability to convey more about your company than any description can. Your audience will be able to visualize how they fit in your brand, and how your brand fits in with them.

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Increase the Storytelling Power

Every site should be able to tell a story beyond what can be found in the “About Us” page. Settling for stock images weakens the connection to your brand, and implies there is a lack of effort being placed in your business. Customers are drawn to the commitment you have towards your company, because they also want to be taken seriously. A professional corporate photographer is there to support your story by capturing creative and unique images that is meant to leave your viewers wanting more.

Aside from creative perspective, corporate photographers have all the technical knowledge and experience to produce stunning images that can better portray your brand. Elements like colour, layout, lighting, camera angle, and knowing how to capture your employee’s personalities can maximize the message of your company. The genuine imagery will entice your viewers to learn more of what you have to offer.

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Boost Your Branding

There are millions of sites out there, and you don’t want your site to be just another page. Having professional images can easily make your brand memorable. People tend to remember what they have seen rather than what they have read, making it all the more important to invest in photos. Not only will your site have a sense of originality, but it will also solidify your brand with the consistent look and feel of the images.

The company’s social media platforms and marketing tools are just as important as the website. Thus, it is important to have images that keep your story coherent wherever your brand is present. Corporate photographers aim to give you images you can use to represent your brand across all platforms. Consistency strengthens the identity of your company, and gives your business a more trustworthy appeal that draws people in.

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Lastly, it is key that your web designer and corporate photographer  are able to work well with each other towards the same vision.  Together, they are able to plan the perfect images necessary to  enhance your brand. This will maximize the desired results you wish to  obtain through your site.