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Should Your Next Event Have a Photo Booth?

What is worse than have an event with a poor turn out? One that people forget about the very next day. You’ve spent months or weeks planning it. You have a phenomenal guest list but, if it isn’t a night to remember then all your efforts simply go to waste. Whether you’re hosting an extravagant gala affair or throwing small and low key private gathering you want to make sure all your guests are entertained and mingling with one another throughout the entire evening. One way you can ensure your guest will have a fun time is by adding in a photo booth to your event. Keeping your guests entertained is not the only reason you will want to consider a photo booth, they can be more beneficial than you may have imagined.

Top 4 Reasons To Include A Photo Booth at Your Next Event

Should you consider a photo booth for your next event? Here are four reason you might just say yes to.

1. Allows your guest to be more social.

No matter what type of event you are holding you want your guest to have fun. It can be uncomfortable attending any social gathering big or small and not know many people. A photo booth gets instant attention at any type of event and is the ideal ice breaker to get guests socializing and enjoying themselves. With a variety of props and costumes to choose from as well as customizable backdrops, you create a social space for your guests. A photo booth gives your guest the perfect opportunity to have a little fun, make faces and truly enjoy themselves while also network.
Want your guest to talk amongst each other more? You can encourage your guest to mingle more with one another by holding a fun contest around the photo booth. Funniest face? Best Costume? Take a picture with someone you just met at the event? Or who can take the most faces without repeating the people in the photo? Not only will they be more relaxed during your event but they will make many new friends.

2. Gives your guests something to remember.

Having a photographer snapping pictures of our guests will ensure that you capture all the bigger and important moments of your event but, this often leaves your guest empty handed. Not only will your guests be able to take away the customizable prints from the event but a photo booth can make a lasting impression. You can be assured that your guests will be talking about the time they had at your event for days and will have something positive to say about it when your company is mentioned. Your guests take away a little souvenir from your event that will keep you fresh in their minds. The photos can also be emailed to your guests directly so they always have a copy of the image to remember your event by.

3. Marketing that’s free!

While you want your guests to have as much fun as possible having a photo booth at your next event can be the greatest opportunity for you to let your guests promote your brand for you. With customizable backdrops, your logo or company name can be printed on every photo that gets taken from the booth. Since most of your guests will want to share these photos on their social media accounts your brand reaches a significantly larger audience outside of its typical network. With the instant upload features, your guest will be able to share their photo booth images directly onto their social media accounts on the spot.

4. Simply Fun!

If you have ever been in a photo booth then you know they are just simply fun! But, with the advancements of technology and modern updates a photo booth at your next event can really enhance the fun your guests will have. You rarely see anyone, if at all, come out of a photo booth without having a smile on your face. Your guests will have a lasting positive impression from your event and will even leave having made a few new friends.

Photo booths are incredibly versatile and can be a great addition for any event big or small. If you want your guests to have a great lasting impression from your event while also getting your brand and company name out to a larger audience than a photo booth is a must for your event.