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Storytelling With a Great Event Photographer

Hiring a photographer for your event, whether for business, charity or a family celebration, can leave you with nice images, but that doesn’t mean you will get a clear idea of what it was like to be there. From setting the space up, the décor, to the guest arriving and key speakers there are plenty of opportunities to tell a story through the images of your event that will gain more interests and attention. How can an event photographer tell the story of your event? And what should you know about hiring one?

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Corporate Storytelling

Telling Your Story.


From behind the scenes to the final goodbyes, there are a thousand moments that will happen throughout your event that you will want to document. These things can include the décor, food, entertainment as well as:

  • Behind the scenes.

Why would you want to capture some of the things that take place when setting up for the event? It makes others feel like they are more a part of it and it also shows the amount of work your staff puts into the event. The event doesn’t start when the first guests arrive, it starts when you begin to put up all the details that will make the night memorable. Not to mention there are typically some great candid and funny shots that will give viewers another look into your brand or business.

  • Guests.

You’ll want to have plenty of images of the guest at your event. When it comes to telling a story with the guest you don’t want to just have images of the guest you want to capture their experience throughout the event. Having images of them greeting each other, taking in the space, interacting with photo booths and each other will all add in little details about the overall story.

  • Key Speakers.

Capturing the speakers of an event can be one of the most significant aspects of an event. Key speakers can easily gain you more attention and the right event photographer will be able the story they tell through the speech they give. Capturing images of the speaker prior to going on stage as well as while they are on stage will give others a sense of being there in the moment, even if they were not.


A great event photographer will be able to capture the essence of an event through the images they take. This can be done through a single image or multiple images. Not only do they focus on the guests in attendance, but also all the other details such as; food, decor, atmosphere, event activities etc. exposing viewers to the full view of the event. They will know how to capture the key speakers to show their personality as well as give an idea of what they spoke about on stage. They will also be able to photograph the guests in a way the that shows how their experience progresses through the night. They have the ability to find interesting people who seem to carry the mood of the event wherever they go.

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Hiring an event photographer.

You don’t want to trust your event to just any photographer. You put a lot of time and effort into the planning process and you want to work with someone who understands what you are looking for. When you hire or are in the process of looking for an event photographer remember these tips to choosing the one that is right for you and your event.

Always meet with them prior to the event.

Even after hiring a photographer you want to meet with them before the day of the event. This will allow you to go over all the details like speakers, entertainment, people they should shoot and anything else that will help them capture the energy of the event. You will want to give them a clear idea of the layout and where everything should be taking place such as where speeches will be given, where the photo booth will be, where food will be available as well as a schedule of times for when everything is taking place. The more information you provide them the easier it will be for them to meet the expectation you have.

Look through their portfolio.

You want to ensure the photographer has experience shooting business events. They may know how to do a wedding or kids party but when it comes to bigger events they might not know how to handle the fast pace that is needed to really capture all the important details. Look to see what type of style they tend to shoot in and that they have the ability to capture a wide range of people and moments through the events they have already shot.

Be clear about your expectations.

Each event is different and the images you gain from them can be used for a wide range of marketing tools. If you have a specific intention for some of the images let the photographer know this prior to the event. They should know how early they should be at the space so they can capture some behind the scene images, decors, and environment before guests begin to crowd in, One last key discussion to have is how they should dress. While most photographers will come dress professionally you want to make sure they dress appropriately for the event. Whether it’s a formal or informal event you don’t want the photographer looking out of place and unprofessional while they walk around capturing the event.