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iPhone vs. Professional DSLR

Cell phones have made it easier than ever to quickly capture and share interesting images to the world. As a small image online you might find it hard to see the difference in the quality of pictures taken with an iPhone and those taken using a professional DSLR camera. When you take a closer look at these images, however, you are able to easily identify which one was taken from a phone and which one was taken by a professional photographer. Cell phone images are great for selfies and sharing images of you lunch but when it comes to your business online presence should you really be relying on your cell phone pictures for your brand or company image?

It can be tempting to pull out your phone and update your social media accounts which is not a bad idea to give your audience an inside look at your daily operations using your phone. There are many areas of your business, however, that will suffer greatly if you opt to use your iPhone to take pictures for your brand.

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Which is better for business? Professional or iPhone images?

You might not think there is a difference between your iPhone images and what you would receive from a professional photographer, but there are some key elements of these images that can be greatly effected by your decision.

1. More details.

It may look as if your iPhone has taken a nice clear image. But what if you only want to use just one element of that image? When you take a closer look you might be disappointed when all the details you want to showcase are out of focused and unclear. This is because your iPhone has a much smaller sensor it uses to capture an image and as a result, a lot of the details are not very crisp. A professional DSLR uses a much larger sensor so it is able to capture more information when an image is taken and this result in a much clearer image, even when you focus on a smaller element in that image.

2. Depth of Field.

Depth of field can heighten an image and make it more intriguing, more importantly, it can control where you want your viewers to look by focusing on the main subject of that image. With most camera phones you do not have much control of the depth of field so you get an image that is flat because the sensor tries to keep everything in focus. Professional photographers can manipulate this depth of field to really draw attention to the most important elements of the image, like your products or employees while keeping everything in the background blurred and less distracting.

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3. Color.

There are apps and built in filters you can add to the images you take on your iPhone and some of these can give a nice artistic look to your images. But the camera phone just can’t compare to the vivid and true colors a professional camera can capture. Again, this has to do with the large sensor being able to capture a much wider range of colors which result in more vibrant and rich colors in your images. When it comes to showing off your products would you rather them look dull and unrealistic or bright and eye catching?

4. Understanding composition.

You may be thinking that depth of field, details and even the colors of your images are not that important. You can always find ways to work around and improve your images on your own but do you have the experience, knowledge, and understanding of what goes into composing an eye catching image? Would you know where to stand so you get the best angle, lighting and framing to capture an image that viewers will want to look at? Hiring a professional photographer isn’t just about the fancy gear they use. It is also about hiring someone who has the ability to capture images that will help grow your business, attract more attention and make your brand/image stand out. While iPhones can take some nice images these images aren’t going to do you much if they are not able to get viewers interested in learning more about your business or to continue to look through the other content you have. Professional photographers know how to tell a story and relate the images they take back to your brand.

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5. Quality images.

When you combine all the benefits above you simply have higher quality images when you invest in a professional photographer. You can argue that quality doesn’t matter but realistically, your audience will spend more time and be more interested in the images you present to them if they are well executed, clear and appealing. A professional photographer not only has the right equipment and tools to create high-quality images they have the skills and experience in composing these types of high-quality images.

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While you don’t need to hire a professional photographer to follow you around every day just so you have professional images for your social media platforms you want to invest in one for other reasons. Any images you showcase on your business website should all be professional, your business headshot should be professionally done, marketing materials or promotional materials should be left in the hands of a professional. If you are throwing an event for your company or that has to do with your industry hire a professional. You can also add in some of these professional images to your social media platforms as a way to keep your brand and image in front of those who follow you.

Professional images not only make your business look more professional it gives your current and future clients the impression that you take your business seriously. Investing in a professional photographer as opposed to relying on your iPhone can be highly beneficial for your brand and it something well worth the investment.