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Custom Photography for Social Media Campaigns

High-Quality Visual Content

Videos do more than just show your products, services, or venue. They engage the viewer completely through sight and sound to capture not just their attention but their emotions. With more people using their smartphones to instantly access and view videos, every business should be considering the benefits of video marketing. It doesn’t matter the industry you are in, the product or services you supply if your company holds an event or you are an establishment that host a number of events a year then you should be using video marketing to promote your business.

Social Media Strategy

You don’t want to leave planning the content for your social media platforms to chance which will often lead to inconsistent post, unattractive visuals, and posts that add little to no value to your followers. This results in fewer followers, an impression of nonprofessional, and a brand that not many can rely on. Staying active with your social media platforms is vital and there are a few ways you can ensure they stay up to date.

  • Creating a content schedule and calendar will allow you to think of unique content that caters to each platform and can work with each season. Each platform runs off a different algorithm so what you post on one platform isn’t going to necessarily work on another. Take into consideration that some platforms would rather you post once or twice a day while others favor those who post multiple times a day and you are heading for a whirlwind of social media disaster. A content calendar will help you take the guesswork out of when and where you need to post and will organize what you want to post so that you follow your campaign strategy.
  • Use automation when needed. A number of platforms will allow you to schedule posts to automatically show up on your timeline or newsfeed which you can plan out for the week, there are also apps that will allow you to do this for multiple platforms. When possible try to automate what you can so you can save yourself time and energy.
  • With some many platforms you don’t want to be wasting energy on platforms that aren’t reaching your target market. Take into consideration who your ideal customers or clients are and make those platforms a priority. While you can still utilize the other platforms you don’t want to be trying to master when, how and what to post on a platform that really doesn’t serve your brand.
  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your content. There are many ways you can reuse the content you share. You can create a blog post and talk about it on your other social media networks, or consider the stories many platforms use and how you can then reuse that content to create a post.

Don’t forget to block out 10-20 minutes throughout the day to respond to comments and questions. While you block out this small chunks of time you’ll stay focused on the task and won’t get overwhelmed with all the social media activity.

Campaign for Social Media

Creating Professional Photography

The one thing many business and brands struggle with is how to make themselves stand out among all the social noise and other industry leaders. Having a unique brand is crucial when it comes to how successful your marketing strategy and the campaign will be. You need to have content that people want to see and the best way to first capture their attention is with unique professional images. Working with a professional photographer will better ensure that your vision comes out looking as perfect as you envisioned it. Not only will a professional take the lead on creating those stunning eye-catching images but will help you stay focused on the goal of the campaign.

Be sure you fine tune your content to fit the social media platform you are using it for. Taking the time to properly plan this out will increase engagement on your visual content and lead to more success.

Reusing Your Creative

As mentioned, there are many ways you can reuse your content. When you are working on a campaign also consider how the visuals can be used again. While you may only use a handful of the images from the shoot for the campaign, and that should be your focus, you can easily use the other images in a number of ways such as a behind the scenes look to build up anticipation or interest prior to the campaign launch.

Schedule According To Your Strategy

Sticking to your strategy is the key to ensuring your marketing campaign is a success. Know what your strategy entails, whether you’ll be using quotes with your imagery, polls, asking questions, giving tips, infographic, blog post and more. Know when these items will get the most traction and schedule them accordingly. For some platforms posting at the same time, every day will get more eyes on your content. Be aware, however, while automating many of your social post you want to steer away from doing this with everything. When you need to be dealing with your actual customers and clients, like answering questions or responding to comments, this is something you don’t want to automate. People want to know they are being heard and like you really care so skip automaton a generic response to those who comment or engage on your content.stomers.

schedule your social media

When you don’t want to sacrifice all your time to posting and commenting on social media, but want to stick with high quality and quantity content you need to plan properly. Hiring professionals will help keep the quality of your content exceptionally while automating your post will help you stick to the quantity you need to be putting out. Always remember to focus on your campaign and your goals and reuse content when possible. These tips will allow you to create a strategy that is easy to stick with.