Today’s businesses face challenges on an increasing number of fronts: changing technology, empowered customers, competitors and more. An effective way to combat these challenges is to cultivate a strong photographic brand identity that distinguishes you and your business. By anchoring your brand to a consistent, high-quality look on the web, on social and in marketing materials – digital and print – you will advance and elevate your business in your audience’s eyes. That’s what our clients entrust us to do. And we invite you to discover how Indigo Events has done this by reviewing our photography portfolio of past projects.    


There are certain things that can set you apart on the web, in social media and in digital marketing but none more so than compelling photo and videography. That’s because people are consuming ever greater amounts of information by looking and watching rather than reading. There has, in other words, never been a better time to assess the images attached to you and your business and take advantage of the opportunity to stand out in this picture-filled world. Depending where you and your business currently stand in terms of image-literacy will help determine what approach to take: rejuvenation, re-invention or re-imagination.


Are you in step with the fast-moving digital world of photography and video? Are you confident that the images you use to represent your business to the world are at the highest possible level? Perhaps you already have a bank of images to draw upon to populate your website, post on social and use for digital and legacy marketing and it simply needs to be rejuvenated. We will assess your current imagery and provide recommendations to refresh your look across all digital and print platforms.


Are the photographs you use in printed promotional materials, press-releases or on the web and social media telling the right story? Are you being let down by uncoordinated, inconsistent or dated photographic imagery? It may be time for an entirely new look to project a different image. That’s something we’re frequently asked to do by those who understand the pivotal position that high-quality photographic imagery can assume in helping them achieve business goals. The Indigo Events team will work with you hand-in-hand to identify new, creative ways to project your company through new, powerful imagery that re-invents you and your company.


If you and your business have no visual presence – online or in print – or if you’re using stock photos or clip art, it may be time to re-imagine your brand and create it from scratch. We’ll look at what your industry does in terms of photography and video and present you with options to do it better. We’ll make sure your photographs are not only of an exceptionally high quality but also high impact to build faith in your products and services. Whether you require event photography, corporate portraits, visual storytelling or all three our highly-skilled team will capture distinct, brand-and sales-building images that can be used on printed promotional material, websites and social-media.


In this fast-paced, image-hungry world any business that isn’t leveraging the power of photography and video is going to battle with one arm tied behind its back. This is particularly true when it comes to businesses involved in technology, b2b and e-commerce. By investing in high-quality photographic imagery for your business, you are increasing thousand fold the likelihood that images related to your products, services and brand will be shared by users on social media. Without photography, you’ll be missing out on an enormous amount of new traffic and potential customers.



What makes a great picture or video? There are a wide range of elements that determine imagery excellence but only a few that are considered crucial to extraordinary outcomes.


The choice of subject – what you shoot or videotape – is perhaps the most important factor to achieve eye-catching results. But it isn’t just about finding an interesting subject, it’s about showing your subject in a different or unusual manner. That’s where light and shadow, textures, shapes and patterns come into play and we know how to orchestrate each for the best outcome.


The composition of a photograph – how it’s centered in the frame and the angle from which it’s taken – has a big impact on the result. That’s why we don’t just take one picture or video frame and move on, we experiment moving back and forth constantly adjusting points of view to take the image beyond what a normal photograph would be.


Post-production editing is a key part of the process because it’s the stage where decisions are made about framing, light and shadows. Our in-studio team will test and retest different editing approaches using advanced post-production software to create images of greatest impact.


Whether it’s events photography, corporate portraits or storytelling it’s important to maintain relevance with evolving photography trends, issues, technologies and industry practices to deliver arresting images that are in tune with today’s – and tomorrow’s – tastes.

Are you ready?

The Indigo Events team has been designed to become one with you. Your business needs and objectives drive the photographic and video solutions we provide to help you project the image you want to be portrayed. From the moment you reach out to us, we’ll work with you to help frame problems and issues; research, collect and evaluate ideas; synthesize and express concepts; communicate effectively to arrive at photographic and video expressions that help grow your business.


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