Your Headshot Checklist

Maybe you have done a few photoshoots before and have ended up slightly disappointed with the way you look or the quality of the images. When it comes to your photoshoot…

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employees in meeting

Keys To Getting Noticed In 2017

While the internet has made it easier than ever to build a business, the downfall is that entrepreneurship is quickly becoming over-saturated with businesses of every type. Breaking through…

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restaurant interior photo

Preparing For An Interior Photoshoot

Whether it’s because you are selling your home or because you want to let others into your business environment prepping for an interior shoot is just as much work as prepping for a headshot or portrait shoot. You don’t want to neglect taking…

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Corporate photography studio

iPhone vs. Professional DSLR

Cell phones have made it easier than ever to quickly capture and share interesting images to the world. As a small image online you might find it hard to see the difference in the quality of pictures taken with an iPhone and those taken using a professional DSLR camera. When you take a closer…

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